Trombone Equipment

For those interested in trombone equipment here is a list of gear and my impressions of them:

King 2B trombone 
Conn Constellation trombone
Bach 16M trombone
Bach 42B trombone

Mouthpieces (those regularly played):
Bach 12C (or Faxx 12C)
Josef Klier 10F
Faxx (Bach imitation) 6 ½ AL-L

The Bach 16 and 42 are rich and focused sounding.  Somewhat heavier overall weight than other horns, they are quite good on recording and in the typical sections in Los Angeles.  These horns are older from the 1970's and the 42B has the old fashioned closed wrap original to this model.  The 16 has had the bell replaced with a heavy weight bell.  I wind up using both of these horns a lot because they fit very well with sections within various big bands, orchestras and wind ensembles. 

The King 2B is the most modified having had the tuning cut down to allow for very sharp playing environments and having the slide oversleeves and attached parts lightened just as with a Jiggs Whigham model.  It is a set of 2B slide tubes (bore specs), but set up like a Whigham.  It has relatively new slide tubes and is overall from a 1970's era vintage. This set up is intended for commercial or recording work. 

The Conn Constellation is their standard set up in this older model.  It has nickel plated bell and brass slide tubes.  This particular horn has an excellent high register and winds up sounding quite good in a jazz combo type environment.  The Constellation was Conn's idea of a “premium” model and is set up similar to their 6H model, but with different braces and bell section plating. 

I tend to use K&M stands and Protec cases. 

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