Chris Tune Trombonist

Freelancer Los Angeles, CA

My name is Christopher Tune and I play tenor trombone. I work generally in the Southwest USA, based in Los Angeles. I've been lucky enough to tour with road groups as far away as Spain, Canada and Hawaii. I believe that a musician can excel in both classical music and jazz or commercial music. This is what many in the so called "studio music" world seem to do. I have also been lucky to sit in with very famous jazz and studio musicians.  They all seem to say it's a wonderful way to live a life.

I started playing in Junior High at around age 12.  Band director, Carl Raschkes, got me on a good start and recommended I study privately.  I was lucky to choose Harold Diner as my private teacher. Hal was one of the true studio players having worked in Hollywood at the Paramount Orchestra until the end of the studio system. The rest up to now involves taking on the opportunities which present themselves and working hard to play this sometimes difficult instrument. I also was lucky enough to study with Norman Fleming and Terry Cravens. 

This particular training means I had plenty of sight reading training right away in my teen years.  I continue to take on serious music such as symphony, chamber group work, and wind ensemble. I even played for a time in a working Top 40 band named "We the People".  These experiences are invaluable. 

EXPERIENCE: With Direct from Vegas - The Rat Pack, I toured Canada and you can find me in ESCAPE Theater productions pit orchestra, and with the Jack Lantz Orchestra in a big band setting.  On one of the very last voyages of the cruise ship QE II, Bob Wilbur, clarinetist, fronted an excellent big band group, and we reproduced the hits of the Benny Goodman Orchestra, which was another highlight. I not only get to play in true orchestras like the San Fernando Valley Symphony, or in an excellent wind ensemble like L.A. Winds, but also in fine big band settings. Lately I've enjoyed work with the group "Jazz 584" out of the San Fernando Valley (even Quincy Jones came by to enjoy our big band work). 

You can contact me via text at 818.309.8804.

On my YouTube channel:

 I have both musical and training videos including discussion of mutes, and circular breathing.