Dick Goldsmith - trumpeter
Leroy Lovett - bandleader
Dick Goldsmith who regularly plays the jazz chair in the trumpet section of Leroy Lovett's
Leader Leroy Lovett - This guy produced albums by Bud Powell and Billy Holiday.  Also, he's
a great guy!
Bill Foster - Trumpeter
Bob Wilber - clarinetMilt Bernhart - trombonist
Bill Foster who plays a mean trumpet and who is just the sweetest guy you could ever meet.Bill is
a veteran music teacher and member of the LAPD Band
Milt Bernhart while with Stan Kenton.  This trombone section really changed jazz trombone playing  during the 1940's.
Dean Martin photo in Capitol Records Building
Bob Summers, trumpeter and Gary Corsello, singer both on tour with the Rat Pack
This photo of Dean Martin may be found in the hallway on the way to legendary Studio A in Capitol Records It's eerie knowing that these guys worked here long ago.
This is trumpeter, Bob Summers chatting with singer (Sinatra) Gary Corsello, while on tour in Canada with "Direct from Vegas - The Rat Pack",. This tour was a real great outing for me. 
Pat Chartrand - Tenor Saxophonist
Scott Strecker - trumpeter
Jazz great Pat Chartrand, great companion and wonderful Tenor Saz man; add to that that he's a golf pro!
Scott Strecker, lead trumpet with the Direct from Vegas - The Rat Pack Orchestra, Scott is mister reliable.