Chris’s Tour of the World’s Beers [ratings scale 1-10]:

Thanks to Bob Klein, author of "The Beer Lover's Rating Guide" (Workman Publishing). This fine guide led me right to the most delicious and interesting beers in the world. The guide fits in a pocket and allowed me to look up his info while perusing the current fare at the local Trader Joe's. The guide even has a fine section on beer terminology, the beer industry and glassware for beer enjoyment. Heartily recommended!

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MacKeson Triple Stout (by Whitbread PLC, London, England)

This is it! For a stout lover you have the top flight of regularly available stouts. This is a highly roasted taste with incredible impact. Some might call it "smokey" others might call it "chocolately", but I just call it "another, please!". This brew requires that you have developed the preference and "taste" for a strong, hearty brew. You will doubtlessly be able to appreciate this if you enjoy the very dark beers such as the Guiness stout.


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Rogue Deadguy  Ale (Newport, Oregon)

A good Ale from a gifted brewery in Oregon. While not the finest the Rogue brewery offers, this is an enjoyable Ale. Very good for illustrating the "fruity" overtones to be found in ales. Adaptable to most foods appropriate to a fruity, tasty brew.


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Samuel Smith The Taddy Porter (Tadcaster, England)

Perhaps the best known of Samuel Smith products, this is an excellent example of a Porter. Quite a strong bite and very good manufacture and balance make this a pleasure to drink. A connoisseur brew. This explains why the Porter was the preferred brew in the New England colonies. Drink it in a tankard and imagine you are kibbitzing at a meeting at Samuel Adams pub. There you are planning the fight against the English king George III. The bottle's label (on a clear bottle, so don't leave near light!) is very nice as well.



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Whitbread Ale (London, England)

A fine example of an English Ale. Actually connoted a Pale Ale on the bottle, this has an interesting blend of the fruity notes an Ale should have and more bitter notes that will be tasted in the better brews. Whitbread is a popular commercial brewery in London. Whitbread also has brews such as the MacKeson product which appear initially to be from another source but which are owned by Whitbread.


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Young’s Oatmeal Stout (London, England)

An excellent Stout! This is an example of the sweetened stouts (this one uses sugars from Oats) so typical of English Stout production circa 1930-1939. This is a very accessible, yet well made brew. Would go well with most meat and potatoes type meals. Fact is, this is good for any setting. I feel this is a very good introduction to the best of the Stout. A wee bit better than the competitor’s Oatmeal Stout (the Samuel Smith Oatmeal Stout also an excellent brew), this is a smooth, satisfying brew. Sometimes available at Trader Joe's. Don't miss this one!